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Exhibiting Stamps

There are many classes of exhibiting that you can get involved in. The international philatelic Federation publishes regulations and guidelines that cover all exhibiting classes and furthermore  publish a set of special regulations that provide further information for each specific exhibiting class. You should look to read these to ensure that your exhibit conform correctly to the specific class that you have chosen to exhibit within.

The most common exhibiting classes that youth philatelists in New Zealand are working with are as follows:

Traditional - In this exhibiting class the exhibitor looks to tell a story about a particular stamp or issue of stamps. The New Zealand Philatelic Federation website outlines the concepts of Traditional judging. To see and example of a traditional exhibit by a youth exhibitor click on the link on the traditional title above.

Thematic - In this class the exhibitor must tell a storyusing specific, allowable, philatelic material. The use of non-postal or commemorative philatelic items is not permitted. The international FIP has a website that outlines thematic exhibiting. There is a Association for New Zealand Thematic Exhibitorsthat provides extended support for thematic collectors and exhibitors through newsletters and information. To view an example of a thematic exhibit click on the link in the thematic title above.

Open- In this class, like thematic, the exhibitor is looking to tell a story by the choice of material. However, unlike thematic class the exhibitor has the ability to use both philatelic and non-philatelic material to be able to tell their story. This class is very popular with Youth in New Zealand and is also a very good way to get general collectors into exhibiting as well.

Have you been collecting for some time and wondered what you can do with your collection? How about exhibiting stamps? Exhibiting gives you an opportunity to plan and prepare your collection to be displayed at a public exhibition.

Exhibiting is also a great way to get you moving from just accumulating or collection into a deeper level of philately. PYC sponsors Youth Stamp Camps each year. At these camps youth philatelists learn how to start planning and presenting a philatelic exhibit.