Philatelic Youth Council (PYC) New Zealand - Youth Philately

Philatelic Material - Examples from above:

Stamps - All Pages, singles, pairs, blocks

Covers - Page 3, 6,7,8

Postal Stationary - Page 5

Miniature Sheets - Not displayed

Maximum Cards - Not displayed

Meter Marks - Not displayed

Postmarks - Not displayed

Mini Studies - Pages 2,3,4,6,8

When putting your thematic class exhibit, just like in open class  look for opportunities to include "mini philatelic studies" where possible. These provide you as the exhibitor the opportunity to show philatelic depth within the framework of your exhibit.

For example on page 5 of the example exhibit above there is a "mini study" on NZ 3d. Road Safety stamp, showing colour variation and examples of the common apostrophe flaw. Some other forms of mini study could explore perforations, paper differences such as the Australian Hermes stamps on page 8.

Philatelic Material - Some allowed material:

Stamps - Mint singles, blocks and sheetlets

Covers - With Stamps used for commercial postage

Postal Stationary - Pre printed stamps

Miniature Sheets - Stamp surrounded by picture

Maximum Cards - use sparingly it at all. Ensure all aspects of the Card, stamp and postmark related to the theme

Meter Marks -

Postmarks - If on cover it is advisable to window

Here is an 8 Page Thematic class exhibit called "Hermes"

Click on an image above to get the full view of the relevant page.

In the Thematic class exhibit you are using philatelic material to tell a story based on a theme. This exhibit is not a topical exhibit such as cats on stamps, it is a story. In this story you are providing the viewer with a structure and explanation around the material that you are exhibiting.

For example,  you would look to tell a story beginning with the origins of cat,  followed by their form and function, their behaviour and finally looking into their interaction cohabitation with man. This story is the essential difference between a thematic and topical exhibit.

Thematic Exhibit Example - Hermes Messenger of the Gods