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Hutt Valley Junior Stamp Club - Overview

The Hutt Held at Epuni Baptist Church Hall, 304 Waiwhetu Road, Epuni, Lower Hutt usually on the 2nd Saturday of each month. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

The dates shown may be changed to enable speakers to attend or for other reasons. ALL members will be advised ASAP of a change in a meeting date or location.

The Lower Hutt Junior Stamp Club is open to anybody from 6 to 20 years old who is interested in stamp collecting. We collect stamps for the fun of it.

At club children have the opportunity to collect stamps and to develop towards advanced collecting and exhibiting.

Hutt Valley Junior Stamp Club

Club Contacts:

2017 Hutt Junior  Stamp Club - Programme

  • No meeting
(In house) Stamp Basics and Tools: soaking & hinging, perforation gauges, watermark detectors, catalogues, stock books, magnifiers, tweezers, hinges, mounts etc. Swap stamps. Next meeting’s project: 1 page (or more) of at least 12 New Zealand stamps from different issues, annotated and with measured perforation gauges.
(In house) “Bring a Friend” Day (bring 3!!). Australia and Australian States. Help with individual collecting interests begins. Next meeting’s project: 1 annotated page of Australia and/or Australian States, including measured perforation gauges.

What country is that stamp from? Stamp Bingo.

Stamp Artist and Designer - Pauline Morse
Papua New Guinea - Terry Isaac
Perfins - Richard Smolnicki
Interclub 4-8 page exhibit. Choosing a subject and finding material
9th Sep
Interclub 4-8 page exhibit. Making the story come together.
14th Oct

Postal History, "Upper Hutt" - Ray Randle

11th Nov 

Making Christmas Cards

9th Dec

Club Prize giving (bring a plate)