Technical Section
The Birth of a Stamp- Maurice Conly
1.5 MB
Printing Process - Warwick Paterson
3 MB
Papers of New Zealand 1855 - 1987 - Warwick Paterson
2.2 MB
Watermarks of New Zealand - Warwick Paterson
727 KB
Gum - Warwick Paterson
957 KB
Perforations - Warwick Paterson
2.5 MB
New Zealand Routes and Rates pre 1874 - Gerald J. Ellott
1.5 MB
Collecting Section

Traditional - Dr. Robin Gwynn
3.1 MB
Modern New Zealand- Glenn Patchett
841 KB
New Zealand Specialised- Ian Harding
1.9 MB
Collecting Full Face Queens - Brian Rumsey
1 MB
Thematic Collecting - Brian Vincent
2.7 MB
My Way - Ross Burden
1.8 MB
My Thematic Collections- Betty Salter
1.7 MB
Soccer - Trevor Bevan
1.5 MB
Postal History, Marcophily- Tom Lee
2.7 MB
Collecting Postal Stationery- Robert D. Samuel
2 MB
Introducing Frama Stamps - David Smitham
1.7 MB
Maximaphily - Hank Smits
1.9 MB
New Zealand Cinderellas- John Watts 
1.7 MB
Collecting US Locals- Dennis O. Huggard
1 MB
Collecting Foreign- The Lee Family
2.7 MB

The key sections in this electronic publication are as follows:

Technical Section - This area focuses on key areas an advanced stamp collector (philatelist) should consider as they advance.

Collecting Section - This covers areas that a collector may wish to explore beyond collecting single country stamps.

Each area below is linked to a PDF that will open in a new window when clicked, note the file size of the PDF is show on the right.

The "PYC Guide" was first published as a hard copy publication in 1990.  It was designed as a philatelic toolbox for young collectors to help them as he advanced in their stamp collecting. Although the current guide is now out of print there are portions of this publication that are still useful as a philatelic resource, and  have been scanned and made available in electronic PDF form.

Philatelic Youth Council (PYC) New Zealand - Youth Philately

PYC Guide