General Philatelic Websites & Resources:

Stamp Collecting Software and Resources - Some links to philatelic software and other resources (link courtesy of Jake Sharkey)

New Zealand Stamps- Good description of key New Zealand Stamp issues and some postal history (very useful)

Stamp World- Useful and extensive catalogue of world stamps (Very good internet catalogue)

NZPost - New Zealand Post website for technical information on New Zealand stamps

Stamp Collecting at Home- From the Home Advisor website (link courtesy of after school care programs, from the U.S.)

Swagbucks Guide to Stamp Collecting - Good link to general information on collecting stamps (link courtesy of Skyla)

A beginner's guide to Philately - Resource links provided by (link courtesy of Cynthia Oritiz)

The Second Continental Congress and the US Postal System - (link courtesy of Kelly, Hampton public library

​All about Philately and Postage Stamps - (link courtesy of Ryan)

Specialised Websites:

Errors on stamps - A website that shows errors on stamps by year

KGVI Study - Website that specialises in New Zealand KGVI stamps and usage (very useful)

Federation Websites:

International Philatelic Federation- The world wide international governing body for Philately

New Zealand Philatelic Federation - New Zealand Philatelic Federation Website

Australian Philatelic Federation - The Australian Philatelic Federation Website

Association of British Philatelic Societies- British Philatelic Federation Website

Exhibitor Websites:

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors - Very useful articles and website material for exhibitors

Stamp Dealers:

New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association - List of current of dealers of New Zealand Stamps, NZ

The Philatelic Traders Society Ltd - UK Stamp dealers website

Jim Forte Postal History - Great site for world wide postal history items, US

Bill Barrell - Excellent GB philatelic and postal history website, UK

Warcovers - Forces Postal History dealer, UK

There is a wide range of resources available on the internet to assist you with your collecting and exhibiting interests. Here are a few that we think might be useful for you.

Philatelic Youth Council (PYC) New Zealand - Youth Philately