Philatelic Youth Council (PYC) New Zealand

Philatelic Youth Council of New Zealand Inc.

Chairpersons Report – February 2018

Fun philately continues to be our flagship product with it being distributed to all our youth who have shown an interest in the hobby.  The use of colour in the issues has improved the look and feel, with positive feedback being received.  Anne has coordinated the content, production and distribution for another year with her wider team assisting.   Fun Philately still remains popular, although numbers are on the decrease.  Anne indicated last year that 2017 would be her final year in this role, so we are looking for someone to take over.

PYC continues to provide benefit to the hobby with our activities.  2017 was another successful year for our youth collectors particularly with the number of exhibitors, which helps our visibility in organised hobby circles.

Paul McTaggart is continuing to do a great job from a technology perspective with our online website presence.  The website advancement is also assisting PYC maintain its profile and reverse the reducing numbers of youth PYC has on its database.  We have a need to make stamp collecting desirable again to the technically savvy youth of today.  This is an issue that our hobby is having all around the world and it will remain one of our biggest challenges.

The stamp camps continue to be our vehicle that enables the continued success for our youth exhibitors. The Auckland camp was successful with all campers completing their projects and the new campers doing very well. The costs of venues and commitment needed does make staging the camps a challenge, although the organising teams do a great job pulling it all together. 

The COGS funding we receive, thanks to Graham Gauld’s efforts continues to make our activities viable. PYC also had a good year with good sales of our protectors which does provide additional funding to keep our other projects moving, thank you Barbara for your efforts.

The PYC executive is a committed group who do a great job with the resources we have.  A challenge is still to bring in new people on to the team.  Ideally it would be great to see more of our youth who have come through our activities move onto our committee.  Congratulations also needs to go to Tait Beekman’s who has had a big year with a move to Wellington and a new baby.  Once again thank you to the executive for the work you all achieve and look forward to your continued support.


Tim Beach

Chairperson PYC